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Struggling with low energy?
Low testosterone levels?
Bad PMS or horrific periods?
Imbalanced hormones?
Perimenopause or menopausal symptoms?
Competitive CrossFit athlete?

^Ironically, the supplement recommendations are the same across the board. Food will always be the most potent form of medicine, but it’s a great idea to bridge the gap & supplement where we may be falling short.

Coaching recommendations for supplements are ALWAYS changing and evolving.

But the core suggestions we’re suggesting right now are:
⚡Vitamin B Complex
⚡Vitamin D

B Vitamins:
⚡Promote healthy energy levels
⚡Support a healthy metabolism
⚡Required for neurotransmitters like GABA & serotonin
⚡Help with hormone balance, PMS, & menopause

Vitamin D:
⚡Steroid hormone that helps regulate genes & hormones in body
⚡Great for bone health, immune function, & hormone function
⚡Promotes healthy insulin sensitivity & ovulation

⚡Boosts immune system
⚡Vital for thyroid function
⚡Natural androgen blocker (helps with skin/acne)
⚡Helps with everything from digestion to metabolism
⚡Promotes healthy ovulation & boost production of progesterone

⚡Vital to menstrual health, helps manage PMS symptoms
⚡Vital to prevention/management of PCOS
⚡Helps calm nervous system & aids with sleep
⚡Helps regulate stress & HPA Axis
⚡Anti-inflammatory & helps body to produce/balance hormones
⚡Helps balance estrogen levels (low magnesium = high estrogen)

Quality and dosage matters here! We love Natural Calm brand for magnesium and @gardenoflife brand for vitamins and minerals.

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