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Struggling with acne, oily skin, and breakouts?

There’s actually nothing worse than being a grown ass adult and struggling with acne and skin problems like a freaking 16 year old.

Hormonal birth control may provide skin relief, as it can reduce testosterone levels and also suppress sebum production – but it doesn’t truly address the root issue of why we have acne.

And hormonal birth control may come with an assortment of side effects or symptoms – such as negatively influencing gut health, thyroid function, insulin levels, and more.

Unfortunately acne and skin woes can be a result of numerous things – including dietary choices, thyroid function, sex hormones, liver health, gut health, environmental exposures, and more. 

Some easy changes might include:

• Getting enough fiber

• Drinking plenty of water

• Using natural laundry detergent (we love Branch Basics!)

• Using safer skin/hair/body products (such as Beauty Counter)

• Eating well rounded meals at regular intervals consisting of protein/carb/fat/veggies/fiber to keep blood sugar balanced. 

• Minimizing or removing dairy, gluten, soy, and processed foods to see if skin improves.

On the supplement end, there’s several things that can be incorporated. Reducing inflammation, supporting liver and gut health, and optimizing hormones is key.

Supplements That May Potentially Improve Acne:

Zinc is a natural anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and helps support healthy testosterone levels. Deficiencies can also contribute to thyroid issues and period problems.

Omega-3 fatty acids are great for reducing inflammation and EPA in particular is great for skin as it helps regulate oil production

• NAC turns into Glutathione in the body and may support liver detox and improve gut health.

• Berberine
can help support healthy blood glucose and insulin levels and thus many help keep androgen levels in check.

Turmeric is great for reducing inflammation and supporting liver detox

Vitex supports ovulation and healthy menstrual cycles (but shouldn’t be taken longer than 3-6 months or if PCOS is a concern – check with your doctor)

might be helpful for those who suffer symptoms of estrogen dominance (such as heavy periods, periods lasting longer than 7 days, major mood swings, etc). Similar to Vitex, check with your doctor as DIM may also cause low estrogen

• Licorice Root can help reduce inflammation and may improve acne and oily skin, but may not be a good fit if high blood pressure is a concern.
As always, check with your doctor before changing up your supplements routine (:

Love these types of tips? You’d love my 125 page ebook ( The Badass Nutrition Guide). It’s loaded with nutritional education, cheat sheets, deets on how much to eat, reverse dieting, hormone basics, and more!

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