The Best Way To Test Hormones

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Suffering with PMS, heavy periods, or low sex drive? Consider ordering a Dutch Test!

DUTCH stands for Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones & is the gold standard for hormone testing.

It retails for $399 (but may be covered by insurance!) & is a complete hormone test that covers things like estrogen, progesterone, androgens, metabolites, melatonin, cortisol, and more. Important to mention it does NOT test thyroid, so we’ll need to test that separately (TSH, free t3, free t4, TPO, TgAB).

While it’s important to know various hormone levels, it’s even more helpful to see how they’re behaving & the pathways these hormones are going down in the body.

If we have symptoms of estrogen dominance (PMS, migraines, heavy periods, low libido, weight gain, moodiness) for example, a Dutch test can tell us if we do indeed have too much estrogen, if we’re going down the “bad” pathways, if it’s actually a metabolism/clearance issue, etc.

This way, our doctor or health professional is armed and equipped with all possible information so they can build the best treatment or protocol plan to work towards improving our symptoms.

Gentle reminder: Given that a woman’s cycle has 4 different parts, all with varying hormone levels, we can’t just draw hormones on any given day of the month.

What Days of the Month Do I Collect?
We want to test between days 19-22 of a 28-day cycle. Longer cycle? Add the number of days we typically go beyond 28. Similarly, subtract days if your cycle is shorter (for example: days 17-20 if cycle averages 26 days). Postmenopausal? Collect any time. No cycle? Check

Collection Schedule:
Dutch draws 4 samples, plus an additional 5th sample, if we happen to wake up in the middle of the night. On the first day, we’ll collect a sample at 5pm. Then approximately 5 hours later at 10pm. Then within 10 minutes of waking up the next morning, and then exactly 2 hours from the morning sample.

The easiest way to collect the sample is simply to urinate into a cup and then dip the test strip.

Make sure to read the directions regarding fluid consumption and liquids such as alcohol and caffeine (: We also need to avoid avocados bananas, fava beans, and certain supplements while testing. Read the instructions carefully!

After the test is mailed back in and results have time to process, you receive a lengthy PDF (usually 14-5 pages) with results that can then be reviewed with your ordering practitioner.

I personally just sent off my samples for Dutch test and can’t wait to see and review the results (:

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