The Trillest Podcast: Women’s Health, Hormones, Over Exercising, Undereating

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On this podcast episode of @thetrillestpodcast, we go in-depth on hormones, over exercising, undereating, & macro tips.

⚡️5:00 How Hormonal birth control may relieve symptoms of hormonal imbalance (but does not fix them)

⚡️9:00 You may love high-intensity exercise, but your hormones may not love it

⚡️10:30 Post-pregnancy, hormones, & weight loss

⚡️19:00 Why we can’t perpetually diet, what happens to thyroid and metabolism during a cut, & how often we should realistically diet

⚡️22:00 How much women SHOULD be eating, calories needs during pregnancy

⚡️24:00 1600-2200 calories isn’t enough for high level CrossFit

⚡️30:00 Importance of proper gut and liver health for optimal hormones

⚡️31:00 Why it’s silly to obsess over the scale

⚡️35:00 Resources on women’s health

⚡️37:00 When we can & can’t get pregnant

⚡️38:00 Naturally balancing hormones with food, benefits of seed cycling

⚡️42:00 Macros, tracking food, nutrition tips

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