Airborne Mind – Hormonal Health Episode 91

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On this podcast episode of The Airborne Mind, we go in-depth on hormones, hormonal imbalances, hormonal birth control, high intensity exercise, & so much more. This isn’t just for the ladies, tons of gold for you fellas too!

⚡️5:20 How I got into nutrition coaching
⚡️11:50 Why nobody hires a nutrition coach when they feel good
⚡️13:00 Discussion regarding hormonal birth control & impact on thyroid
⚡️20:00 Effects of hormonal birth control in relation to testosterone, ability to build muscle, lose fat, mood, and more
⚡️23:00 Symptoms that may indicate hormonal imbalance (both genders!)
⚡️24:30 High intensity fitness, hormone health, why it’s not ok to have a missing cycle
⚡️28:00 Post birth control syndrome & conventional medicine model regardin
⚡️29:00 Conventional medicine model in regards to HBC & fertility treatments
⚡️29:30 Why don’t experience a period on HBC
⚡️31:10 Hormone-free pregnancy prevention & when we can/cannot get pregnant
⚡️35:00 CrossFit, stress – ‘we don’t need to kill ourselves with exercise to look good’
⚡️36:45 Competitive exercise doesn’t guarantee a great physique
⚡️42:00 Helping people bounce back from hormone issues
⚡️47:00 Thyroid function & how frequently should we diet or ‘cut’
⚡️51:30 “We have to earn the right to exercise and the right to lose fat”
⚡️54:00 Alcohol’s impact on estrogen and hormones
⚡️55:00 Repairing hormonal health

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