Tips for Navigating Life When Stress is High

Tips for Dealing with Stress

Nutrition and fitness habits can often get thrown to the wayside when stress hits and we suddenly find ourselves in survival mode and struggling to keep our head above water. Something I’ve become a high-key fan of these past years during the pandemic (as we ALL have endured copious amounts of stress, stress, and more stress) … is the idea of “getting the most” from “doing the least.” Meaning: how we can set a few super duper simple goals revolving around habits that have the biggest ROI and how can we remove the massive barriers to entry on consistently accomplishing them.

In real time, this might look like:

  • Rather than asking someone to weigh/measure their protein and hit specific protein goals, this looks aiming for a big serving of protein at every meal and eating high-protein snacks between meals
  • Rather than having a fruit and veggie at every meal, it looks like aiming to have one fruit and one vegetable per day
  • Rather than adding additional stress to your life via workouts, it might look like prioritizing time outside in the fresh air right now to just move your body, walk, and get in steps and sunshin
    And so on

When I hosted my 4-Week Winter Accountability Coaching Group during the holidays, habits in the infographic are the exact same habits I had people concentrate on. And the feedback was incredible as individuals were able to navigate travel and holidays guilt-free and stress-free simply by prioritizing a few basic and easy to achieve goals.

So whether its Mother Nature being an a-hole or work stress bringing you down, try referring back to and implementing this list. And also don’t forget to give yourself grace. You’re doing the best you can with what you have (:

Tips for Coping with Stress