Macro Tracking at a Restaurant

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Macro tracking at a restaurant can either be intimidatingAF or a total piece of cake. As always, preparation & planning ahead is the name of the game when it comes to being successful and still hitting your macro goals

Worth mentioning: Our goals MAJORLY impact how tight or loose we can/should be with all this. If in the middle of a dedicated fat loss phase, it’s likely best to limit frequency of dining out (since we can’t 100% control what goes into our meals)

Reversely – If eating at maintenance or traveling briefly for work, it’s probably okay to be a little looser on tracking

Macro Tracking at a Restaurant Like a MF Pro:
⚡️Look at the menu ahead of time
⚡️Doublecheck if the restaurant has food entries in MyFitnessPal
⚡️Eat lighter during the first half of the day – Try to get in lots of protein/veggies so there is more carbs and fat for later in the day
⚡️The simpler the meal is, the easier it will be to track – Something like steak/rice/avocado/vegetable will be much easier to accurately log vs a sexy and complicated meal
⚡️Assuming you only occasionally dine out, consider guesstimating portions & just focusing on hitting protein/calorie goals (rather than specific protein/carb/fat goals)
⚡️Ask your server about portion sizes for meat (most times they will give you the uncooked weight, but feel free to doublecheck if you’re unsure about their answer)
⚡️Ask your server how the food is prepared – Grilled or streamed will likely be your best bet!
⚡️Eyeball portion sizes – 1 cup = a modest handful of something
⚡️Alternatively, they DO actually make travel food scales. You might look a drug dealer, but at least your friends will tell cool stories about you when you’re not around
⚡️Guesstimate & don’t over-stress it. I prefer to overestimate when i eat out, just for safe housekeeping!

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