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Macros with a vegetarian or vegan preference aren’t superrr hard – but they definitely require some careful planning & special macro goal accommodations. Thus I come to the rescue this time with a vegetarian cheat sheet!

The biggest thing we see with vegetarian nutrition clients is a split between two potential personas:
Persona A being vegetarians that eat a crapload vegetables, healthy fats, etc etc.
Persona B being people that eat tons of cheese, glutens and breads, sugar, and not a lot of green stuff or vegetables.

So the first goal when working with a vegetarian (or vegan) client is really double-checking their food intake and food quality and making sure that they are indeed eating an ample amount of vegetables.

It’s not uncommon to see vegetarian clients (especially females) struggling with severe hormone imbalances or thyroid issues as a bi-product of low protein consumption + nutrient deficiencies + normal every day life stressors. So protein intake, food quality, and micronutrients are all super important to keep an eye on.

It’s also important to make sure vegetarian clients are eating enough food. Since vegetables aren’t super high in calories, this kind of goes back to Persona A and Persona B. Persona A is more likely to not be eating enough food/calories, while Persona B could go either way and either be undereating or overeating depending on their food choices.

In order to get in adequate protein, carbohydrate goals will have to be set higher for the client (as you can tell from the cheat sheet). Protein goals will also depend heavily on whether or not they are willing to include dairy, fish, etc.

In an ideal world with my vegetarian clients, hopeful non-negotiables include:
▪️Greek yogurts
▪️Plant-based protein shake (up to 2x a day if necessary)

If fish or dairy aren’t an option, 2 plant-based protein shakes would absolutely be a non-negotiable for a successful coaching adventure.

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