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Sometimes we talk really sexy topics like hormone balancing, anddd other times we talk about basics, like the water we drink.

Here’s the skinny: tap water is pretty dang dirty. Some estimates say there’s more than 2,100 chemical contaminants present in our water (hashtag blessedddd).

And water treatment facilities aren’t necessarily helping the cause – they often add stuff like fluoride and chlorine. Tap water on the rocks (with a potential side of arsenic, lead, bacteria, parasites, pesticides, petrochemicals, & pharmaceutical drugs?) Yeaaah bro, no thanks.

And let’s be clear: No fear mongering on “chemicals” or “toxins” here – Just raising awareness that we’re doing a disservice to our body if we’re not taking extra measures to drink better quality liquids.

CA, WI, NC, FL, TX, NY, NV, PA, OH, & NM are the top 10 states with the most toxic/dirty tap water. If you’re curious, hit up EWG & run a search based on zip code to see specifically what’s living in your local drinking water.

Unfortunately, a cheap-o Brita or PUR water pitcher isn’t quite going to cut it (lol, college memories anyone?)

Your standard fridge filter is at least a good start and a definite step in the right direction.

But try investing in a Reverse Osmosis filtration system (for under your sink), or a Carbon-Block Gravity Filter Unit (like Berkey – ). Revere Osmosis units can be a pretty pricey ($1000+), but they DO remove the majority of environmental contaminants found in tap water.

Carbon-Block Gravity units (like Berkey) are typically smaller freestanding units that are much less pricey ($200-300) & do a great job of removing junk.

Berkey is bae & was rated #1 for contaminant removal by Natural News Water Filter Labs (I have the “Travel size” unit – $228)

I personally noticed a huuuge difference in my skin & digestion when I switched to high quality filtered water.

Not huge on bottled water due to that whole “plastic” thing, but Core, Essentia, or Mountain Valley Spring Water seem to be the better grabs.

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