Ways of Measuring Progress That Don’t Involve the Scale

As a society, we’ve been conditioned to only worry about the scale and how much we weigh… but our bodyweight is only one piece of data. It doesn’t tell us anything about our body composition, how we look, or how much muscle and body fat we have. Or what our bones and organs weigh. You could also have 2 individuals who weigh the exact same weight on the scale, but have two completely different levels of muscle and body fat. It can also be a frustrating way to track progress sometimes as someone could make positive changes to their nutrition and exercise, gain muscle and lose body fat, and still potentially see the same exact number on the scale, despite achieving a radically different body comp.

Rather than focusing solely on just bodyweight and the number on the scale, it can be incredibly helpful to:
1) Set performance goals: what if you set a goal of running a 5k, half marathon, or even a marathon? What about being able to lift x weight? By doing this, we’re shifting our focus to celebrating what our body can DO, rather than solely hyper focusing on what it looks like.
2) Pay attention to: how we’re feeling, our energy levels, our sex drive, our hormones and thyroid levels, our menstrual cycle, our digestion, our mood, how our mental health is doing, and how our relationships are with things like food, exercise, and social settings

*I do think it’s important to note that it’s also equally okay to have times where you don’t have any goals on the line, as action -> expectation can also lead to burn out and frustration. I didn’t really have any fitness goals last year, but training has been SO fun the past few months since I’ve been chasing a 300 lb deadlift this @paragontrainingnethods Physique cycle (:


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