What to Do After a Holiday or Night Out

how to get it together after a holiday
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How do you “make up” for a day of eating (or drinking) things that may not have moved the needle forward towards your goals? You don’t. There’s no “wagon” to “get back on” and no need to get crazy today.

Shit you’re not going to do today:

  • Start some stupid juice detox
  • Do some weird cleanse, take fat burning pills
  • Exercise five katrillion times to “make up” for decisions you made or things that went in your mouth.
  • No Hail Mary’s and suddenly going Keto or some other weird restrictive diet and remove all the things that bring you happiness because the scale is temporarily elevated and you’re feeling heavy and bloated today

(Remember that infographic we posted about how alcohol elevates the scale for 3-4 days? Also keep in mind that if cosmic brownies and hot dogs are NOT your usual, it’s no surprise that for a few days, your body is a little puzzled by whatever tf happened yesterday

Quick Doublecheck:

  • Did you enjoy yourself?
  • Did you spend time with people you give a fuh about?
  • Did you enjoy the things you did, the things you ate, and make some memories?

Cool, so sit down, drink water, and maybe look at a vegetable today. Your body just got a little overloaded with some out-of-the-ordinary foods and adult beverages. Give it some time to digest and resume “normal.”

Things You SHOULD Do Today:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Resume normal exercise habits (or maybe take a day off if you PR’d your ability to get ‘white girl wasted’
  • Resume adult-ing and get in a vegetable (or three) at every meal
  • Get in 30-40g fiber
  • Resume normal food festivities and ease back into tracking your macros (or whatever it is that you do)
  • Play catch up on sleep
  • Get 10k steps
  • Grocery shop & meal prep so you can resume being a badass the rest of the week

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