Why Aren’t I Losing Weight?

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Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by MFP! This post could also be titled ‘how we might be sabotaging our progress & driving ourselves crazy by incorrectly logging food in MyFitnessPal (or similar tracking app)’.

We’ve all been there: End of day food totals look PERFECT, we logged all our shizz… we’re doing everything ‘right’, so why isn’t the scale moving accordingly?

Let’s do a quick doublecheck:
⚡️Eyeballing Rather Than Measuring: Surely we’ve seen the comparison pics of ‘2 T of peanut butter’ vs reality. We HAVE to weigh our food for a while before we can accurately guesstimate – a tracking app ONLY works if we actually input CORRECTLY. Weigh meat in oz. Everything else should be recorded in grams or oz as well.

⚡️Using Generic Entries: ‘A cheeseburger’ could mean a wholeeee lotta things. We need to break down that sucker to bun, patty, cheese, toppings, etc. Similarly, skip entries like ‘a medium apple’ & record ‘100g green apple’. Out to eat? Better bust out that travel drug dealer scale & ask the server lots of questions.

⚡️Not Pre-Planning Our Day / Logging on the Fly: Also known as ‘coaches worst nightmare’ or ‘how to forget some of the things you ate.’ Watch playing clean-up on your kiddos plates. Plan your shiz in advance so you have no reason but to crush it. It also doesn’t go in our piehole if it hasn’t been logged.

⚡️Scanning Labels & Not Double-checking: Perfect example is Costco bison. If we scan the label, what pops up in MFP does NOT match the food label. So if we scan a label, check that it matches our tracking app. Use vertified entries when possible also.

⚡️Underestimating Macros When Guesstimating Foods: There will always be hidden oils, sauces, & ingredients we’re aware of when eating out. Over-estimate. Choose the higher calorie cookie entry. Add 1/2T of oil to your vegetables, etc etc.

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