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I can’t help your office job not be stocked with donuts and bullsh*t, but I can help  you make it a little easier to stick to your goals (:

When I did my Dietetic internship, the doctors/nurses lounge never ceased to blow my mind: Cookies. Brownies. Pizza. And not just around holidays, EVERY SINGLE DAY. When I worked at State Farm right after college, not much different.  WeWork? Same.

I’m not saying you’re doomed.. but if you’re bored or hungry, and there’s junk hanging around, you’re probably doomed.

Thankfully, most offices have a microwave. And most also have a fridge. If not, my follow-up questions is: can you make room in your cubicle to have a mini-fridge (just like the college dorm days) (:

If not, investing in a little lunchbox will do the job too.

Keep your cubicle stocked with emergency foods and snacks for those days when you accidentally forget your food, or when you’re stuck in meetings and don’t have time for a full meal, but certainly could slam something quick.

..Or those days when you coworkers are assholes and line the office with Krispy Kreme.

Love these types of cheat sheets? You’d love my 150 pg ebook, The Badass Guide to Fat Loss, Gaining, and Maintaining.

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