Healthy Airplane Snacks

travel friendly airplane food

Ready for some healthy airplane snacks and food ideas? Because absolutely no one wants to spend $17 on sandwiches at the airport. With a little planning ahead, you can save money, have better food options, and not go hungry during your travel (:

Save the healthy airplane snacks list below to make your next trip even better!


Healthy airplane snacks and food ideas for airplane travel.

Other Healthy Airplane Snacks & Travel Tips

Ice Packs & Spill-Proof Packing

If you’re at the airport, you can absolutely bring food through security, just make sure there’s no liquids. You can use ice packs to keep everything cold, just make sure they’re frozen solid when going through security. Check airport rules if traveling abroad to other countries.

I have trust issues with food leaking when I travel, so I like to double bag everything to be extra safe. We also typically put all our food in a reusable grocery bag or Lululemon tote (keep in mind: it will count as a carryon bag)

Glass Pyrex containers and the reusable silicone bags (like Stasher) are generally pretty leak proof. If short on space, I might just use plastic baggies. If possible, I’ll save and reuse them on the flight back.


Pack Enough Food For The Whole Day

Better safe than sorry. Flight delays, airports with terrible food options, last-minute change of plans… it happens, and I’ve definitely been on the receiving end of all it. Even if it’s a short flight, I try to bring food for the entire day so that I’m covered either way.

I love packing things that are easy to eat: breakfast sausages, waffles, bagels, chicken nuggets, fruit, etc.


No TSA Pre, Clear, Or Global Entry?

Keep all your food stashed at the top of your bag or suitcase so you can easily get to it and take it out if needed at security. If traveling abroad, check if there are any food restrictions for airport security.


Don’t Forget To Bring…

Utensils to eat with, wet wipes or napkins, and a reusable water bottle.


Stay At Airbnb’s or Hotels With A Kitchen or Mini-Fridge

Healthy airplane snacks and travel food don’t have to stop at the airport. Most hotels will have a microwave in the breakfast area. And staying at a place where you can cook during your trip is a great way to save major money and stay healthy while you travel (:


Go Grocery Shopping When You Land

Bonus points if you book your stay near a grocery store.

Consider grabbing extra high-protein foods like jerky, protein bars, deli meat, etc. This tip always helps me whenever I’m staying with family or loved ones. Even if I have to pay for an Uber or Lyft to get there, it helps avoid so much stress and headache as I’m able to stock up on food I actually want to eat, and that align with my goals and how I want to feel while I travel.

If staying with family, I’ll usually send a text before my trip that looks something like this:

“Hey ____! I’m so excited to see you. When we get in town, I’d love to go straight to the grocery store to grab food and snacks for the week. Would you mind giving me a ride there? Totally okay if I need to grab a ride share to get there. Just let me know!”


Have More Questions?

I hope these healthy airplane snacks make your food planning 10x easier! Here’s some more tips on how to feel good on vacation.

And you can always check out my e-book, The Ultimate Guide to Nutrition, Muscle Gain, & Fat Loss if you want to get more details about supporting your nutrition and fitness goals (:

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