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"They say the best companies come from solving a problem … Paragon actually started a result of solving mine."

As a a former competitive gymnast, marathon runner, and CrossFit Regional athlete, it’s safe to say I loved working out and pushing my body to the limits. But I was constantly feeling run down, beat up, and exhausted.

I was also disappointed that my body appearance didn’t seem to reflect all the hard work and hours I spent working out each week. Towards the end of 2017, my body hit a breaking point. 

When I went to have shoulder surgery, all my years of chronic over training, under eating, and under-recovering finally caught up.

I hadn’t seen a menstrual cycle in years. Sex drive, thyroid levels, and hormone levels were non-existent. I was struggling with my weight. My digestion was a mess. I chronically felt achy, run-down, and inflamed. Attempts to workout left me feeling dizzy and lightheaded. 

After a few months of spinning my wheels without success, I reached out to one of the best coaches in the industry (Bryan Boorstein) for 1:1 coaching and custom workout programming. I just KNEW there had to be a better way and was determined to find a more sustainable approach to working out and being active.

The goal was to create a style of workouts that was conducive to letting my body heal, supported my health and hormones, and also gave me the athletic looking physique I desired. 

After a few months, I was feeling tremendously better and sleep, sex drive, hunger, mood, and body composition were coming around in a positive way… and that was when we knew we had to share it with the world..

In 2018, Bryan and I founded Paragon Training Methods, and what initially began as ‘my story’ effectively became ‘our story.’

With Bryan’s extensive background in programming combined with my 15+ years of nutrition/fitness coaching experience and formal education in Nutrition, our Paragon community grew like crazy and our life-changing workouts caught like wildfire.

Our workouts are incredibly fun, incredibly effective, and we’ve helped so many people around the globe smash their goals, look amazing, and find better harmony with the way they workout, eat, and live life. 

Smart training combined with being strong, well-fed, and well-recovered leads to incredible workouts, happy hormones, muscle gain and lift PR’s, confidence and better body image, and a better relationship with your body, food, and exercise.


You deserve to look and feel your best.

You DON’T have to spend life at war with your body.

Paragon Training Methods has changed thousands of lives around the globe since 2018 – we can’t wait to change yours! 🖤

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