Should I Take Creatine?

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Why You Should Take Creatine

Love lifting, strength training, and being active? Creatine is one of the most studied sports supplements and if you love lifting and training, you’ll likely see benefits from taking it.

It may help you:
• Gain and build muscle
• Increase strength and recover better
• Improve power output and performance during workouts
• Improve body composition (by building more muscle)
• Also lots of studies regarding positive cognitive benefits from supplementing creatine!

Better workouts, better performance, and more muscle? Sign us uppppp!


How Much Creatine To Take

Supplementing ~5 grams a day for those who work out and strength train is generally the guideline you’ll likely see when researching.

We DO definitely get some creatine from the foods we eat, such as meat and seafood. But if you want to maximize your time and energy spent working out, I can’t recommend enough to supplement creatine monohydrate daily.

Research seems to kind of go back and forth on whether to take it before or after workouts. We’d recommend just supplementing it daily whenever you remember to and call it day. No need to cycle on/off it or worry about “front-loading” it.

Tips On Supplementing


      • No need to “load it” or cycle on/off it

      • Guidelines generally suggest ~3-5 grams per day

      • Doesn’t super matter WHEN you take it, just that you consistently take it daily
      • Don’t forget to drink a ton of water during the day! 

      • No need to spend tons of money – just buy whatever creatine monohydrate is rated best on Amazon!

      • You may retain a little extra water while supplementing with creatine, but it’ll likely become unnoticeable over time / don’t let that stop you from reaping of all the awesome benefits of creatine (:

      • No current research indicates that creatine supplementation might be connected with hair loss, so no stress there / that’s a popular myth

    Where To Start

    While creatine is a great supplement to add to your routine, it’s not going to be as effective if you’re not following a good strength training program that actually supports its benefits. You should check out our online workout program at Paragon Training Methods!

    Our Paragon workouts are evidence-based and backed by science. You can choose to workout for 30, 45, 60, or 90 minutes per day. We have workouts for all goals and levels of lifting experience. As well as the option to still include things you love (whether that’s running, Olympic Lifting, riding your Peloton.

    Click here to read more about our Paragon workouts!

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