Walmart Grocery Guide: No Cook / Minimal Cook Food Ideas

no cook food ideas walmart

These no cook meals will have you loving – NOT COOKING! 

“YEP! We still aren’t cookingggggg!” – Sliding in today with a super fun grocery guide today for those that hate cooking and/or those who want to spend their days living LIFE (rather than rotting away in the kitchen doing the most via dishes and meal prep).

Cooking is Cancelled…?
If you’re new here, I was pretty stressed during 2019-2020 as a small biz owner, so I coined “cooking is cancelled”. Basically it meant I was only buying foods that were already cooked or needed VERY minimal cooking effort before consuming. Think pre-cooked meats, microwave rice, fruit, steam-able bags of veggies…

Walmart has come a long way and I love that you can easily find high quality meats, allergy-friendly food options, etc without having to drop a fortune. Keep scrolling for healthy grocery ideas that require to little-to-no cooking!

Whenever I’m grocery shopping, I typically prioritize 2 things:

  • Ingredient list: Ideally, I love to see something with less than ~10 ingredients or so. If it looks like a CVS receipt, it’s prob a quick pass. Bonus points if mostly real whole food ingredients. No big deal if ingredient list is lengthy due to tons of spices or stuff like olive oil. Try to look for minimal food coloring, gums, stabilizers, etc if possible
  • Nutrition: Then I move on to looking at the macros, aka how much protein, carb, and fat the food contains. The more protein it has, the better. If it has more fat than protein (for example: fajitas with 14p, 25f), that’s going to be a quick pass for me. I typically look for a protein-to-fat ratio of somewhere between 2:1 or 4:1. Meaning if there’s ~20 grams of protein, there’s something like only ~5-10g of fat. It’s a lot easier to mix/match meals when you have foods that are mostly one macro

Examples of Minimal Cook/No Cook Meals:

  • Pre-cooked carnitas, microwave rice, olive oil, steamable broccoli, side of raspberries
  • Grilled chicken breast strips, roasted microwave potatoes, avocado, zucchini spirals, side of blueberries
  • Rotisserie chicken, microwave sweet potato rice, microwave green beans, avocado oil, side of strawberries

Enjoy these minimal-cook / minimal cook food options from Walmart. Happy shopping! (:

No cook meals

No cook meals

No cook meals

No cook meals

No cook meals

No cook meals

No cook meals

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