Trader Joes: Pumpkin Spice & Fall Foods

trader joes pumpkin spice fall food

Tis the seasons y’all, and Trader Joes is coming for your wallet if you love pumpkin spice, apple, and maple flavored foods.

Anyone else breaking their bank on all things pumpkin spice right now? Cuz pheww! A new Better Buzz location just opened down the street from us, so I’m currently on a shameless Iced Pumpkin Spice Almond Milk Latte streak.

And then I made the mistake of going to Trader Joes, made this food guide, and accidentally came home with  gluten-free pumpkin bagels (that I will be happily slathering with @kitehillfoods dairy-free pumpkin cream cheese), pumpkin oatmeal, and pumpkin cereal.

No sweat if pumpkin isn’t your jam, there were lots of fun apple and maple foods too.

Unfortunately I haven’t tried a lot of these foods in the guide as they either have gluten or dairy. But if there’s one thing I know about Trader Joe’s, it’s that they hit more than they miss, and they love putting out creative and tasty food!

trader joes

trader joes

trader joes

trader joes

trader joes


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